[SOLVED] Gmail Server Error 007: A complete FIX Guide And FAQs

Gmail is the World’s most popular email service and used by millions to handle personal and business emails. Personal Gmail account can experience an error while sending an email. Gmail Error 007 is among them. This error usually occurs when there is a problem with server connectivity. This error usually freezes the Gmail account and the user can not do anything further.

On refreshing the account the connectivity drops an error number 007 in Gmail appears stating server error occurred, and email was unable to be sent. It is the most common error that is experienced by people. The error mostly appears in chrome browser as the browser works with complete Gmail account synchronization.

gmail error 007

Keep reading the article to find the permanent solution for Gmail server error 007, its causes and different ways to fix it.

What is Gmail Server Error 007?

Gmail error code 007 is a situation in which the Gmail account freezes, and the user becomes unable to access the Gmail account. In this particular situation, user can neither access the Gmail anymore nor they can close the window to exit the page. The option that is left is to completely close the browser and sometimes even the system restart may be needed.

The error usually gets fixed when we restart the PC and start working off the Gmail again, but this simply loses the unsaved progress of the project users are working upon. This error can also be caused sometimes due to internet connectivity issues. Error 007 usually pop-ups when a user tries to send an email, where the windows suddenly get stuck and froze.

Since there is no particular listed solution for the fix of error, we have made a complete guide to permanently fix Gmail error stating oops… a server error occurred and your email was not sent. 

How to Fix Gmail Error 007?

This error is the common problem and can appear more often on the Laptops rather then Desktops. There are many different factors that can lead to Gmail server errors to come up. Taking into consideration the different factors, we have made a list of all possible solutions that can help to solve the error No 007 permanently from appearing again.

Reset/Restart Browser And Login With Gmail Again

The basic and the first step to solve gmail server error number 007, that occurs while sending email from Gmail using chrome browser. The first thing that we suggest is to restart your browser and logging to gmail again. This is the basic solution for any temporary errors to appear in Gmail.

Secondly, we suggest resetting the browser to default settings. Sometimes installing the additional plugins or extensions can cause modification in browser settings. this can lead to misconfiguration leading to server error to appear on a computer. Thirdly, you can logout gmail from your chrome browser and login once again. Sometimes due to proxy and cookie modifications can log you out from the chrome browser.

Disable Gmail Labs Backgroud Send

Another method to handle and fix server error 007 is by simply disabling the Gmail labs background. Here user can resolve the conflict using lab settings for google chrome browser. In this, you can simply disable the background send settings.

background send lab settings in gmailImage Source: support.google.com

Since, sometimes when there are issues with internet connectivity, chrome browser tries to resend the task to get completed once internet is connected automatically. As gmail works on encrypted protection, the email fails to send and raises the error. Follow the steps below to disable the lab background sending settings from chrome browser.

  1. Open Chrome browser and sign in to Gmail account.
  2. You will see the “dented gear” icon in the top-right corner. Click to open the option.
  3. Now click on the settings and open lab settings,
  4. Find the option named Background Send and simply disable it.
  5. Now restart the chrome browser and you are all good to go.

This is the option that has been preferred by most of the users, thus it is marked in the first. But if the option does not work for you then you can move to further steps according to their positions.

Clear Browser’s Cache And Cookies

This is the most common solution to rectify any error from the browser generally appearing due to temporary saved cache and cookies. It is simple to clear to browser cookies and cache. But still, if you are not comfortable with it, then you can follow the steps below;

cookie and cache settings to disable gmail server error #007Image Source: chrome.google.com

  1. Go to the browser’s menu option. In case of google chrome, click on the vertical dots on the extreme right of your browser’s taskbar.google chrome menu
    image source: Windows10skill.com
  2. Now click on the Settings option and go to the advanced settings tab,
  3. From there go to the Privacy tab and go further to Content Setting.
  4. Simply find the Cookies option and click on it.option showing clear browsing data in google chrome browser
  5. Click on Clear or Delete Cookies tab to delete all the cookies and cache data from any browser.
  6. Now simply restart the browser, and return to your Gmail.

Open Gmail again and try to send the emails. The error will no longer appear. However, if the error still persists, then move on to the next step.

Disable Browser Extension

It is another solution specifically for Gmail error #007. Sometimes the extensions installed on any browser can cause problems with Gmail and lead to the error while trying to send an email. The extensions start causing errors or problems only when they are either corrupted or outdated. Updating the extension can help to get rid of the browser errors.

It is very simple to disable, delete or upgrade any extension in google chrome browser. Follow the steps to disable the extensions or to update them;

  1. Open the google chrome browser,
  2. Click on the menu (three dots in the corner) and click on tools,
  3. Now find and select the extensions tab,
  4. Now either deselect the extension that will make it disabled, or you can simply click on the update tab to update any outdated extension.
  5. Close and restart the browser. Now login to your Gmail account and try sending the emails.

You can try to disable the chrome extensions before updating or deleting them and check if the server error 007 still persists. This can also help to detect the extension that must have been causing the problem with gmail to pop up the error. Its time consuming, but disabling the extension one by one can help to find the exact cause of the error.

Scan For Virus Attacks

The virus in the system can also cause Gmail server error 007 as most of the virus get functional once the PC is connected to the internet. Using the antivirus, you can simply check for the viruses on your computer and remove them. In case of Windows 10, User can access the Windows defender scan and scan for viruses on the computer. Even online free antivirus can help in the scenario, as the conduct the browser and its extensions scanning first.

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Update Chrome Browser

An old version of google chrome can also cause problems and errors in the computer. This can also be the reason that you are getting Gmail error #007 when trying to send bulk emails usually. Updating the browser can be one of the solutions here. Browser update also prompts to update any extensions or plugins attached too. A complete update of browser and plugins can simply solve the error.

update google chrome browser and fix error 007Image Source: chrome.google.com

You can update the browser by following Menu>>Settings>>Update Settings/ Updates>>Update Now. Google Chrome, however, get updated automatically, but it is still adviced to cross-check again.

Disable Antivirus Email Signature

This method is specifically for the email signature which comes with antiviruses like Avast, McAfee, AVG, and Norton. All of these antivirus software have email signature tool embedded. This tool usually states that the email is sent from a safe and spam-free computer. Since the email signature are forced submitted with Gmail and any other email server you are using, this can be the cause of Gmail server errors while trying to send an email.

gmail error 007 due to avast email signatureImage Source: Avast.com

Try to disable the email signature from the antiviruses and try again. This can also help to keep you safe from Gmail error 007 to appear again.

Use Another Browser To Skip Gmail Error 007

The error mostly comes up in Google Chrome browsers. Most of the help forums state that it may be the possibility that the error (#007) may appear only in google chrome browser. Before conducting so many steps, we suggest trying to use any other browser for sending emails. If the error still persists in other browsers as well, then you shall simply follow the above-listed steps only to solve the error.

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Browsers like Avast Safezon, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc, are the browsers that usually do not show server connectivity issues as they take Gmail as a separate website and asks login and password on every visit. Whereas in the case of google chrome, Gmail is embedded and you need to log in using Gmail id in chrome browser to avail its complete features. Try to use any of the following browsers. This might help you to get rid of the error.

What is Background Send Lab And Why It Causes Gmail Error 007?

Background Send Lab simply enables the Gmail to send the email even if the browser has been closed. Consequently, users with Background Send enabled can depart quickly after firing off an email and spend their time on other matters – saving a fraction of a second or so.

access background send lab in chrome to fix error 007

In many different occasions, due to a misconfiguration in server connectivity can cause errors. An error related to Gmail servers can cause the background to send lab issues which can give rise to error number 007 for email sending.

Does Disabling The Background Send Lab Disrupt Other Functions Too?

The disabling of “Background Send” will not have any impact on your normal access to your account. This feature supports the commands that you have assigned and became offline or unavailable. Since its main feature is to simply keep sending the emails even when you quit the browser, it can sometimes cause error 007 in Gmail. Disabling the background sending lab usually do not have any impact on other services. It is advised not to disable the application/feature as it may cause issues with other gmail functions.

Contact Gmail customer service to fix Gmail error 007

The last resort!!! After following all the methods and fixes listed above, if the error #007 still persists, then it would be suitable for you to contact the Google Customer services to0 solve the error. You can contact them using telephone, email or 24×7 customer support online. A verified online directory named Contactforhelp would help you to avail their numbers. This particular directory is popular and reliable especially in the U.S.A and Canada.

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Summing UP:

Frankly speaking, then the main cause of Gmail server error 007 can be the internet connectivity issue or outdated browser. Still, sometimes there are many different technical aspects that can cause this error. When error (#007) appears, it means that the connectivity with the server is broken and gmail is unable to send emails.

This error usually appears when a user tries to send bulk emails from their gmail account and closes the windows soon after giving the send command. As Gmail does not support bulk business emails, thus when any such incident happens, gmail detects it as spam and the connectivity with gmail servers break down.

We hope that the methods to fix the error we have listed over here were helpful for you. Still, if the error persists, then please feel free to interact with us in the comment section. Xprobes ensures to provide users with solutions to any sort of technical errors.

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