How to Install X-Box Controller Driver on PC {with error rectifications}

The computer is also used for the game from last many years, and users play the high graphics game in computer. The users prefer the X-box to play the game instead of Keyboard and mouse because it’s easy to use and can control both keyboard and mouse with the X-box Controller.

Xbox controller is essential for a game lover because you can save your game process and can post it on social media, But some of them don’t know how to install the Xbox controller. Some users still using the Windows 7, But the good thing is that Xbox controller is available for all the version of Windows and you can install Xbox controller in Windows 7.

xbox controller driver

What Is The X-box Controller?

X-box controller is a controller which control the Microsoft X-box, and it was introduced Game Developers Conference in 2000. The first generation of the X-box controller is called The Duke. You can purchase the X-box controller either by a third-party seller in a disk or by the official website of Microsoft X-box, and you can easily install the Xbox controller in Windows 10.

If you play the game on your computer or laptop with a keyboard and mouse, it irritates you, So you prefer the x-box controller. You can easily play the game without the using of keyboard and mouse. X-box controller can also control the many software on your computer.

Features Which Make X-box Controller More Usable

  • You can set any achievement as a background on your home screen,
  • Faster response time,
  • Your phone or tablet can be used as a controller by using the X-box controller,
  • You can use an external hard drive to expand your storage,
  • Stream Xbox One games to your Windows 10 PC,
  • You can see how much data your console is using,
  • Micro-USB port,
  • Grip texture around sticks,
  • You can continue your games from Xbox 360 to new Xbox One,
  • You can watch TV with Sling and ditch your cable plan,
  • Trigger Rumble Motors,
  • Plus-shaped D-Pad (mechanical),
  • Play your saved games on any Xbox One.

How Does X-Box Controller Work?

You will see a Guide button in the center of the Xbox controller, and this button provides a new function. The Guide button divided into four quadrants. These quadrants have a light on the top which gives the different types of information when you play the game on your computer. When you receive a message from another gamer, then the Guide button will be light up. The game player visits the Xbox dashboard when he or she pushes the button. The dashboard provides access to features like messaging friends, downloading content, voice chat and customizing soundtracks, all while staying in the game.

How To Install X-Box Controller Driver?

Nowadays, A lot of users want to know how to install Xbox controller driver in computer because it makes an easier way to play the game in PC and control the Xbox without keyboard and mouse. So, here we’ll discuss how to install Xbox controller driver in Windows 7/8 and Windows 10.

Uninstall Microsoft Edge

Actually, There are different methods to install the wired and wireless Xbox controller.

How To Install The Wired Xbox Controller?

  1. Go to the official website of Microsoft Xbox,
  2. Download Xbox controller from there,
  3. Select the version of Windows which you have in your computer like 32-bit or 64-bit,
  4. Go to the language,
  5. And select the operating system language,
  6. You’ll see a software link below the language list,
  7. Click on software link and save it,
  8. After that go to the Downloads location on your PC,
  9. You should right click on the downloaded program and select the properties,
  10. You’ll see a Compatibility tab, Go and select the Run this program in compatibility mode for checkbox,
  11. Then select the Windows from the dropdown list which you have,
  12. Select Apply, and then select OK.
  13. Double-click the program to run it,
  14. All the necessary files will be installed on your computer,
  15. You might be prompted to restart when finished,
  16. After that, You should plug the Xbox wired controller into any USB 2.0 or 3.0 port on your computer,
  17. After plug-in, Open the Game Controller dialog box,
  18. Type joy.cpl. at the start button on your computer,
  19. Right-click on Xbox controller and select properties,
  20. Now, You can check the Xbox controller is working or not by pressing any button,
  21.  If Xbox controller not working then plug it into a different USB port in your computer.

How To Install The Wireless Xbox Controller?

Here, three methods available to Install the Xbox controller driver:

1. Connect The Xbox Wireless Gaming Receiver

  1. You should remove the green label from the wireless gaming  receiver,
  2. Connect the gaming receiver into a powered USB 2.0 on your computer,
  3. You’ll see a green light on the receiver that means the unit is working,
  4. If the Add New Hardware Wizard starts automatically,
  5. Select Install the software automatically,
  6. Select Next,
  7. If the software installed successfully, Select Finish.

If the Software fails to install then follow the second method

2. Install The Xbox Controller Software

If you get the disk with the Xbox controller, you can install the software from that disk otherwise you can install the software by downloading it online.

What are Vulkan Runtime Libraries?

Install By Using  The CD/DVD
  1.  Insert the disk into your computer,
  2. The setup program will start automatically,
  3. If it doesn’t start automatically then you should browse CD/DVD drive and run the setup program,
  4. Select the version of Windows which you have in your computer like 32-bit or 64-bit,
  5. Go to the language,
  6. And select the operating system language,
  7. Click on Install,
  8. Click Finish after the installation of the Xbox controller.
  9. It will be asked for Restart after the installation is complete.
Install By Downloading The Software
  1. Go to the official website of Microsoft Xbox,
  2. Search ‘Xbox’ in the search box,
  3.  You will see a list of product type,
  4. Select Gaming,
  5. Select Xbox Wireless Controller in gaming,
  6. Select your Window’s version,
  7. Select your operating system language,
  8. Then select Download,
  9. Select Run,
  10. All the files will be installed on your computer,
  11. After the installation, it will be asked for Restart.

3. Connect The Xbox Wireless Controller To Your Computer

  1.  First, You should Press and hold the guide button to turn on the Xbox wireless controller,
  2. You’ll see circular button located near the middle of the receiver, that is Connect button,Switch on the controller device
  3. Press the Connect button,
  4. Then the light will flash green,flash light for connecting xbox controller
  5. Press the connect button on the controller, which is a small circular button located on the front edge of the controller as you hold it in your hands,Connected xbox controller
  6. You will see a light around the Guide button, which indicates that the controller is connected.

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