FIX “Steam Disk Write Error” For Multiple Gaming Permanently

The Steam disk write error is the most common error that happens when you’re trying to download or update a game that you bought on a Steam platform like Rocket League, Battlegrounds, etc. 

What is Steam Disk Write Error?

This error irritates when you want to download or update any game in your computer and appears with a different text. For example, if you download the game, you’ll see steam download disk write error and steam update disk write error appears during the update. Many users go as far as uninstalling Steam and re-downloading all games all over again, but it’s not a solution, and it can be an excruciating task.fix steam disk write error

Sometimes this error also may occur when you save game data to your PC’s storage, and then you may lose your data. So, First of all, you should know the reason why Steam is unable to save data to your computer, and then you can quickly fix this error.

Why Disk Write Error Occur in my Computer?

Many users search on google to find the causes of this error. However, It is vital to know the reasons for this error because there are so many problems on your computer or on your internet that can be the causes of this error. This disk write error only occurs Windows operating system like Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 7 while Steam is compatible with other operating systems like Linux, iOS, etc.

The causes of Steam Disk Write Error depend on your system, types of game that you have installed, etc. The most common of this error are:

  • Internet Connection issue.
  • Corrupt or outdated drivers.
  • Virus infections.
  • Lake of storage.
  • The device is write-protected.

Fix Steam Disk Write Error Permanently (Solved)

If you’re facing this problem and you just want to fix it, See the below-listed method to fix it easily. As we know that this error only occurs in Windows operating system but according to the users’ complaint steam disk write error mainly occur in windows 10. Here are some easy and free solutions to fix this error.

Restart Steam

In many cases this issue may temporary, So the easiest way to fix it is restarting the steam. Restart the Steam and update or download your game again. If you see again this error, Apply the next method.

Restart Your PC

Restarting the computer is of the most used method to solve many types of issues in computer. So, you should restart your computer when you see disk write error.

Update the Drivers

This issue may occur if you’re using a wrong or outdated driver. So you should update your driver or reinstall the driver.

Go to the official website of steam and search there for a driver. Download the driver and install it in your system. You’ll get a free trial for one month, and after one month you have to pay for the driver. However, you can set it automatically. There are so many websites on the internet that can update your drivers automatically at the right time.

 Clear Download Cache

Sometimes the download cache makes a disturbance during the downloading or updating the game. If you clear the download cache, it will force the Steam client to flush locally cached configuration data and acquire it from the Steam server again.clear download cache Image Source:

Follow the steps to clear the download cache:

  • Go to the Steam.
  • Open the Settings and go to the download.
  • Now, you’ll see the Clear download cache, Click on it.

After clearing the cache you should restart the computer and check the problem is solved or not. If not then follow the next method.

Change Download Region

The Steam content system is divided into geographical regions. The Steam client automatically detects its current region and uses content servers located in that can change the download region to fix disk write errorImage Source:

Sometimes, server in a specific region can be overloaded or slow and you face steam disk write error while downloading. In this condition, you can fix this error by switching to a different region.

First of all go to Steam > Settings > Downloads > Download Region. You may need to test several regions other than your own.

Repair the Library Folder

All your installed games are store in Steam Library and this library should be writable by all users so as to download or update properly. Sometimes, the user changes the permission but Steam game update stuck because of these changes, So it needs to be refreshed. Follow the below-listed steps to repair the library folder:

  • Go to the Steam and open the settings.
  • Click on the downloads and then open Steam Library Folders.
  • Right-click on the folder and click on Repair Folder.

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Disable the Antivirus

Disabling the antivirus can fix this disk write error. Sometimes, the antivirus installed on your computer may occur this error. For example, if you’re downloading or updating a game and at that time antivirus scanning your data in the background. Therefore, it may be a big reason to appear in this issue. Sometimes it may be necessary to add exceptions for Steam in your AV configuration.
disable the antivirus to fix the errorImage Source:

Check the Internet Connection

Sometimes, slow internet speed may be the reason for this error. So you should change or reconnect the connection to easily fix this error.

Move the Game Folder to the other Drive

It is worth trying installing the game on another hard drive in case it is the hard drive failure. If this works, you can then create a new Steam Library folder on this drive or on other drive and install or update the games. You can also move the already installed games into this Steam library folder. To do this process:

  • Go to the steam and open the Settings.
  • Click on the downloads.
  • You’ll see the Steam Library Folders then Add New Library Folder

Delete the Corrupted files from your System

There so many corrupt files may generate on your system due to the internet, external data etc. These corrupt files may also be responsible for this error. So, follow the below-listed steps to delete the corrupt files from your computer:

  • Press the Windows key and R at the same time.
  • A box will be open, then copy & paste %ProgramFiles(x86)% into the box.delete corrupt files
  • And click OK.
  • Now, navigate and double-click on Steam.
  • And go to logs > content_log.Steam disk write error can be remove by deleting the corrupt files
  • After that, you should scroll down to the bottom of the file, and see if there’s a failure to write error.
  • If yes, then follow the name and path of the error, and delete the corrupted file.
  • If no, then close the Windows in this fix and move on.

Now, download or update the game to check that problem is solved or not. If not, then go to the next method.

Download Vulkan Runtime Libraries for Windows 10

Check RAM and Storage

Memory errors can also be the reason for this error, as well as gameplay. You should check RAM and storage on your computer.

For Windows: Start -> Find “mdsched” and run Windows Memory Diagnostic

Remove Write Protection

If our disk is write-protected, It will be a possible reason why we receive steam disk write error. To delete or remove disk write protection:

  • Press the Windows logo key and type cmd.
  • Then right-click on Command Prompt and click Run as administrator.write protection
  • Type the following commands and press Enter after each.fix disk write error by removing download write protection
  • Close the Command Prompt window.

Now, re-plug the hard drive and try to download or update again to check the error is fixed or not.

Delete 0 KB file

This Steam disk write error may happen because of the 0KB file. So you can check if it exists in your computer and deletes it if it does.

Here’s how:

  • Press the Windows logo key and R at the same time.
  • A box will be open, then copy & paste %ProgramFiles(x86)% into the box.
  • Press Enter.delete 0 KB file
  • Navigate and double click on Steam > steamapps > common.
  • Go to the bottom of the window to see a file that is 0 KB in size.
  • Select the 0 KB file and click on Delete.

Now, Restart the computer and install or update the game to check for error.

These methods are most common and easy to fix the disk write error steam.


There are so many issues while working on the computer, especially when you download or update any game and app. Steam disk write error only occur in Windows operating system and mainly occur in Windows 10. It is a standard error and thousands of users daily search on google to fix this error. In this article, we suggested some easy and common way to fix this issue. You can follow one of them, and after that, you can update or download any game. If you have any confusion related to this article then comment in the comment box, We’ll try to solve your problem as possible as, We’ll help you 24×7.

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